Witness Statements

We help Law Firms, Solicitors and Insurance Companies by interviewing and obtaining statements from witnesses.

Many of our network of agents have a background in policing, which means clients are ensured statements are robust and accurate because our agents fully understand what is required when taking a witness statement for it to be admissible in Court and to add value to a client’s legal case.

Witness statements can be required in support of all types of civil actions, most commonly as part of legal proceedings surrounding road traccic accident claims. Obtaining witness statements can be straightforward; however often it has to be incorporated with a tracing process.

Document Signature Service

With a nationwide network of agents Anything Legal Limited can help minimise lost business that results from relying on clients signing and returning documents by post. Too often people who promise to sign and return documents change their mind, misplace the documents, forget or simply cannot be bothered. We offer a service where an agent will go through the paperwork to ensure it is completed correctly, signed (and witnessed if necessary) and returned.

Locus Reports

Whether instructed by a claimant or defendant firm an agent will visit the site of the accident, with whichever party is required and available (the insured driver, claimant, client)  and thoroughly examine, photograph and measure the widths of the roads, distances and any other relevant measurements.

Consideration will be given to how the traffic flows, the directions of movement in order to provide a report which will really take the Court to the scene.

The comprehensive locus report includes details on the traffic systems, road rules and regulations including speed limits, road layout, obstructions, road side furniture, road surface, gradients and any other useful information. Reports can be tailored to show specific requirements, such as the line of sight from a junction or the view from a distant witness. They can even include the time taken at a certain speed to cross these distances.

The same techniques are used to examine a personal injury site e.g a slip and trip location.