We offer access to a network of experienced and screened experts to provide process serving and related services. We offer confidential, reliable and professional process serving in the United Kingdom and beyond ensuring that all correspondence and legal documents are served personally within days of instruction.

Our agents have professionally and discreetly dealt with many difficult, aggressive and emotional situations. We have served various types of legal papers such as Injunctions, Orders, Applications, Petitions and other documents for clients from an array of legal sectors such as Commercial Litigation, Family, Property Litigation, Criminal and Insolvency.
Our process servers usually complete the service of legal documents within seven days although we can offer an express service, where documents can be collected from clients’ offices and served the same day. Following service, a witness statement, or affidavit of service is supplied along with our report and invoice.

Should our process server have difficulty meeting the subject, up to three visits will be made together with enquiries at different times of the day (including at least one out of hours visit) before an abortive return or witness statement supporting an application for substituted service, if applicable, is made.

The range of legal documents include: Non-Molestation Order – Occupation Order – Prohibited Steps Order – Witness Summons – Freezing Order – Bankruptcy Petition – Possession Order – Notice Seeking Possession – N39 Order to Attend – Residence Order – Committal Notice – Divorce Petition – Subpoena – Statutory Demand – Winding-Up Petition – Notice to Quit – Claim Form – Applications

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