Through Anything Legal you can instruct, anywhere in the country, a suitably qualified and CPR-compliant medical expert.Contact us now to enquire about a medico-legal expert.

Our medico-legal experts accept cases in all areas of law so we help solicitors dealing in Personal Injury, Medical Negligence, Motoring & Crime, Immigration, Commercial Litigation, Employment and Family law.

We are no longer a nationwide MedCo Tier 2 MRO but can still help you with all your medico-legal reporting requirements outside of MedCo instructions as well as pipeline MedCo cases.

We offer:-

Generous credit terms and write-off facilities for Personal Injury cases (MedCo, EL, PL, OL)
Nationwide coverage of every conceivable medical expert from GPs to Consultants
Prison / Hospital / Home visit medicals

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Diagnostics & Medical Imaging (MRI, X-Ray)
Rehabilitation through Physiotherapists, Psychologists & CBT practitioners
Medical records Service

We can save you time by obtaining your client’s medical records from their GP surgery, dentist or hospital attendances.

These records can also be sorted, paginated & chronologised

Secure email and secure data exchange when sending reports and medical records to solicitor and expert (free for recipients to use)

We offer psychiatric & psychological assessments which can take place at a home, hospital, office, prison or remotely via secure video link, with on-line appointments being available within 24 – 48 hours.

Your clients may also benefit from a telephone physio and psychological triage service. Ask us about this today.
Basically we free up the solicitor’s / fee earner’s time to carry on with their job instead of chasing GP surgeries, medical secretaries, clients who don’t answer their phones or cannot speak as they are at work

Contact us today to ask about any of our medico-legal agency services