Absconder Tracing

Before writing off any debts it may be worth seeing if Anything Legal Ltd can help trace a debtor who has absconded. We understand individuals and companies can vacate premises, change or disconnect telephone numbers along with numerous other ways of covering their tracks to avoid having to pay debts.

We offer a nationwide network of specialist investigators and field agents who are experts in locating absconders.

All traces and enquires are undertaken strictly within the guidelines laid down by the Data Protection Act.

The more information provided when requesting a trace, the greater the likelihood of success. However, we can often achieve good results even when only basic information is available. Reports are usually completed within 28 days. Urgent matters can be dealt with within seven days.

This service is charged on a No Trace – No Fee basis.

Contact us to enquire about tracing services

Pre-Sue Reports on Individuals

The pre-sue report is a very useful tool in identifying the current financial status of an individual or business and uncovering assets. This information enables you to make a decision on whether it’s worthwhile to progress to legal action, and/or to identify which enforcement method is likely to be most effective.

A report will summarise the debtors overall financial position and lifestyle. We will be able to provide and confirm the following:

•The subject’s correct full name and date of birth

•The subject’s current residential address and confirmation of how long they have lived at the address along with confirmation of previous addresses

•A visit to the property together with a description along with a drive-by valuation and photographs of the property

•Land Registry searches detailing ownership of all confirmed linked addresses

•The subject’s current employment status along with employer’s details

•Directors search including full details of any connected companies

•Details of any CCJs against the subject including the value of the judgment, the date obtained, court and case number

•Bankruptcy and Insolvency searches

•A breakdown of the subject’s full credit history, with details of all previous credit applications and a breakdown detailing the number of live and also closed credit and current accounts

•Electoral roll search, listing all the registered co occupants

•Detailed internet searches


We will also include any other previously unknown information we can obtain such as:

•Confirmation of other trading addresses and details of other business interests and partnerships

•Copies of media or newspaper articles concerning the subject including details of any reported court appearances

•Location of other properties owned by the subject and details of sales particulars or managing agents

•Other names or alias used and shadow directorships

•Information on any suspected assets

•Description of motors vehicles driven or ownership of valuable private registration numbers

•Mobile or other telephone numbers

•Description of subject’s current lifestyle

We can tailor and adapt all reports to suit the specific needs of each individual client. Please call us to ask about pre-sue reports.

These reports are primarily used by solicitors and insolvency practitioners as a primary investigation tool, to assist in deciding whether perhaps further in-depth investigations or surveillance are required.

For further information please contact us.

RCJ Bankruptcy Searches

For just £35+VAT we can provide you with a RCJ Bankruptcy Search from the Royal Courts of Justice (The RCJ), Central London County Court and at any other county court, which it is believed was the debtor’s local court, for the 18 month period prior to issue.

The Royal Courts of Justice and the Central London County Court staff will not conduct the searches themselves. A representative of the petitioner is required to attend court in person to conduct searches on computer terminals located in the Thomas More Building of the Royal Courts of Justice. The court is regularly busy and individuals may have to wait for a terminal to become free.

We simply require an instruction letter, which can be emailed, along with request letter addressed to the Royal Courts of Justice explaining the need to conduct a bankruptcy search and also a copy of the draft bankruptcy petition.

Should you have any requirements for an RCJ Bankruptcy Search please do not hesitate to contact us.