There is no third party service which cannot be accessed through Anything Legal. We can assist whether you require a medical examination of your client, a toxicologist’s report or need a local agent to cover a case for you at the last minute. All you have to do is contact us providing your instructions and we will do the rest. We’re available by phone, fax, post, email or even social media. You can access all outsourced legal services on an ad-hoc basis.

We strongly recommend that you register so that we have sufficient information about you and your company to assist us in more efficiently matching your requirements.

Registration also provides us with more information about the services you offer so that you can be considered for any referrals of interest to you.

If you require an expert witness in any area of law you only need to ask us for a nomination.Send us a brief outline of your requirements and we will come back to you with three suitable candidates.From actuarial services to aviation consultancy, from forensic science to forensic accountancy and from telecoms to translation, Anything Legal will provide an expert witness to help you win your case.We regularly help out immigration, criminal defense and commercial litigation law firms as well as employment and family practices by providing appropriate experts to support their clients’ cases.If you are looking for a medical expert please click hereRecent examples of specific cases include expert witnesses in the following:-

  • Website development
  • Financial advice
  • Golf course design
  • Utility metering systems
  • Insurance underwriting
  • Double-glazing
  • Trampoline design
  • Aviation health & safety

Please contact us to request details of an expert.

Through Anything Legal you can instruct, anywhere in the country, a suitably qualified and CPR-compliant medical expert. Contact us now to enquire about a medico-legal expert.Our medico-legal experts accept cases in all areas of law so we accept enquiries from solicitors dealing in Personal Injury, medical negligence, motoring & criminal defence, immigration, commercial litigation, employment, family.We offer:-End of case settlement for Personal Injury cases
Nationwide coverage of every conceivable medical expert from GPs to Consultants.
To source and instruct your medico-legal expert click here.
Diagnostics & Medical Imaging (MRI, X-Ray)
Rehabilitation through Physiotherapists, Psychologists & CBT practitioners
Medical records Service
We can save you time by obtaining your client’s medical records from their GP surgery, dentist or hospital attendances.
These records can also be sorted, paginated & chronologised
We offer psychiatric & psychological assessments which can take place at a home, hospital, office, prison or remotely via secure video link, with on-line appointments being available within 24 – 48 hours.Your clients may also benefit from a telephone physio and psychological triage service. Ask us about this today.

  • Deferred payment terms until case settlement for PI
  • Credit terms available for medical negligence
  • X-ray, MRI Scans, medical imaging & diagnostics
  • Secure email and secure data exchange when sending reports and medical records to solicitor and expert (free for recipients to use)
  • Transcription services (from tapes of police interviews for example)
  • Document collection service (DBAs from clients for example)
  • Same day Courier service for urgent cases
  • Prison / Hospital / Home visit medicals

Basically we free up the solicitor’s / fee earner’s time to carry on with their job instead of chasing GP surgeries, medical secretaries, clients who don’t answer their phones or cannot speak as they are at work.

Contact us today to ask about any of our medico-legal agency services


The wellness of your workforce rests with us. We want you to have satisfied, productive and healthy staff so trust us to offer you a complete occupational health service designed to support companies and their employees without the need to commit to a contract.

You can request Pre-Placement Health Questionnaires (PPQ) for new starters after a job offer has been made.

Further details of our Occupational Health offering is available here.

To register for FREE and to use our on-line portal to make occupational health referrals on an ad-hoc basis follow this link.

Anything Legal helps law firms grow, expand or diversify into new areas by offering a panel of finance providers focused on the legal sector.
Regardless of your relationship with your bank there are challenges specific to your sector but rest assured there are solutions available.
Where there is difficulty, there is also opportunity and should you seek to recruit new staff, buy in more work, acquire cases, departments or whole practices, Anything Legal can help.
From specialist funding for Personal Injury Solicitors to whom revolving facilities can be arranged to allow for advances on costs and disbursements or just to pay for Court fees; to providers of non-recourse loans to your clients to pay legal fees and disbursements, as they fall due, throughout the litigation process of any matter where there is a financial settlement expected.
If you work in commercial litigation, you can access a range of third-party funders who can help you and your clients to take the financial risks of resolving their dispute ‘off balance sheet.’
Additionally you can obtain finance for your firm to pay for premiums, subscriptions and tax liabilities.