Why have I received correspondence from Anything Legal Limited?
We arrange medical appointments on behalf of your solicitor or insurance company. We are letting you know the details of your examination.

What if I am better now?
If we have been instructed to arrange a medical examination it means you still need to be assessed for your claim to proceed even if your injuries are no longer affecting you.

What if I cannot attend the appointment offered?
If you are unable to attend the appointment it is essential that you contact the medical examiner, Anything Legal Limited or your solicitor as soon as possible and at least two days prior to the appointment in order to arrange another convenient date.

What will happen if I fail to attend my appointment?
If you do not attend your appointment and fail to advise us, the expert or your solicitor early enough it is likely you will incur a fee. Furthermore the medical professional may refuse to arrange another appointment.

What happens if the appointment location is too far away?
In all cases we choose the closest expert/venue available to you. Whilst we have full UK coverage not all doctors are able to undertake these specialist reports or there might be another reason why a particular expert or location has been chosen so every effort should be made to attend. However it may be that we have made a mistake so please advise us or your solicitor if you feel this may be the case.

Why is the appointment date so far away?

Your solicitor requires you to attend a medical examination no sooner than five weeks after the accident date and will be the earliest available appointment with that expert at the particular venue.

Can I see my own GP instead?
No, the examiner will be an independent medical practitioner specialising in expert witness reports. The expert has been agreed by the Third Party Insurers and must be impartial so your own GP or other doctors who you are currently seeing or have previously seen cannot be chosen. If you have previously seen the instructed medical expert for treatment please contact your solicitor.

Why do I need to sign an authority regarding my medical records?
The expert may be required to review your GP records or the records held by or at any hospital, dentist or other consultant, medical professional or medical establishment and they can only release your records with signed consent due to data protection laws. Your medical records also confirm whether you have any pre-existing medical conditions and also record the entries made by the medical professionals who treated you.

Can I take a friend or relative to the appointment?
You will be allowed to take a friend or relative into the examination if you wish. If you attend alone but want a chaperone to be present for the examination, please let either your solicitor or ourselves know in advance and remind the expert on arrival. If you have a joint appointment with a friend or relative, make sure you arrive in time for the earliest appointment. If you want to be seen on your own, let the expert know on arrival.

What do I need to do at the examination?
You must take with you photographic ID (passport/driver’s licence). You will be asked a series of questions about the incident and the injuries you suffered. Questions such as how the accident occurred, how your symptoms and injuries developed, how your recovery progressed, dates and details of any medical treatment, how this affected your work life (time off), home life and leisure activities, any extra help you needed as a result of your injuries. You may also be physically examined if appropriate and it might be necessary for clothing to be removed in order for a thorough examination to be done. The expert may dictate his report as the examination progresses or may take notes. You might also have been sent a questionnaire to complete in advance or be asked to complete a form in the waiting room.

How long will a medical examination take?
Most examinations usually take between 15 and 45 minutes however occasionally the examination might take longer depending on the nature of the expert and your case.

Can I claim travel expenses and lost income?
Your solicitor will be able to advise you on this prior to your appointment but generally you may be able to claim back reasonable travel expenses & lost income as a result of attendance at an examination subject to you providing supporting evidence.