Sometimes you may know you would like to instruct a barrister directly so we provide:-

• A fixed fee quote or alternatively we will try to work to a budget you propose
• An agreed timescale for the work to be completed
• No travel time or expenses charges for most claims (excludes Multi-Track claims)
• A panel of 1000+ barristers who are Public Access Accredited by the Bar Standards Board
• Many barristers who offer a free 30 minute telephone discussion

Whether you are a member of the public or represent a company which requires legal advice, drafting or representation or perhaps you are an overseas clients wishing to instruct a barrister directly in England & Wales please refer your enquiry to us.

This service is also available to In-house lawyers & legal teams and insurance companies who would prefer to deal with barristers directly.

Similarly Solicitors who wish to exploit the Public Access rules putting clients directly in touch with a Barrister to limit liability but retain the administration costs of preparing a case to instruct a barrister or where they want to put their clients in touch with barristers directly where they are unable to help within their firm. Solicitors may also prefer to use the public access rules to ensure barristers fees are pre-paid and held on account by the barrister. The current option for a solicitors firm unable to help a client is to refer to a competitor. This system avoids that conflict.

Anything Legal Limited offers the opportunity to choose from over 1000 Public Access accredited barristers located in England & Wales, who cover all civil courts in England & Wales. You can either invite the barristers to provide a fee quote for your enquiry or you can suggest a fee and see if the barrister is willing to do it for the fee you propose. You remain in total control of the service and only instruct once any fees and deadlines have been set and agreed.

We specialise in late and last-minute instructions so if you have an urgent Court hearing that you need representation for please contact us today.